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Background on Assignments

Any and All Agreements including most real estate sales agreements, i.e.; pre-construction (condos and freeholds); resale homes and condos not yet closed and Friday Harbour resort condos ​can be assigned. 

SELLERS: use Assignment to get sell prior to final closing a real estate transaction. There are many reasons why you may want to do this including job transfer, health, marital or financial changes. Whatever the reason, you  do not want to wait and close and you certainly want to avoid a costly default..  Instead, do an Assignment and get your deposits and profit (market growth/equity) and move on to better alternatives.   

Some investors use assignments to buy and sell (flip) as an investment strategy. There are serious HST factors to be aware of in these transactions.

BUYERS: use an Assignment Sale to  obtain property in projects or buildings that are SOLD OUT but still UNDER CONSTRUCTION or in a period called Occupancy and usually not avaiable on MLS (builder restrictions). 

This website explains my assignment services, the costs, benefits (for Sellers and Buyers)  and my credentials. Plus, much more. 

My services are available across Ontario 

I will refer to partners elsewhere in Canada and around the World. Unlike resale, I do not have to be a local realtor to handle your sale in Ontario since we are selling the Agreement to Purchase only. There are no Open Houses or For Sale signs on the lawn like with selling resales, 

There are many Seller and Buyer Benefits  with property assignments.  

Value vs Cost 

Let's save you and me some time and review Value vs Cost:

I provide a high-value, low-volume service. My clients are given relentless attention from start to end. The best part is that most often a results-focused actually costs less. 

My fees are 1.5 % points higher than standard resale fees. Specifically, my listing fees are 4%, The Buyer side is an additional minimum of 2.5%. That's a total fee of 6.5% + HST

Take a look my premium service in detail compared to Standard Services or read on below:

Assignment Success Plan:

1. The Team

Consists of real estate professionals that have knowledge and experience with the process and requirements of condo assignments including builder/vendor rules, HST rebates and marketing without MLS®.








2. The Process

A step-by-step process that will take a seller (assignor) from set-up (pricing, listing, staging (if at occupancy), legal issues and more) through to closing without a hitch.  I often find and provide the Buyer for my own listings. Also, I assist the Buyer (assignee) if they have a Buyer Agent. I make it easy for them to make offers. I provide a fair and reasonable basis for both sides to agree on price and terms and be happy with the results.

More Details on Process

My goal: No surprises, unless they are good ones!


Let's take a few steps together without cost or obligation.

We can start with a simple conversation ...  

Contact me, Dennis Paradis at 416-399-5832 (cell/text) or by email and/or send me the form below with info about your property first (makes our talk more productive).

What Clients Say ...

"I really appreciated Dennis' expertise in assignment sales as I had to assign my unit in a short amount of time from another city. Dennis was very knowledgeable and hardworking and I trusted him every step of the way.  I recommend Dennis to anyone who really appreciates having an experienced real estate agent on your side who can take care of eveything especially if you are too busy to do so." Melissa



"You have been more than helpful with me with regards to our condo sale. Even before we officially were given permission to sell, you've spent quite a bit of your time with me on the phone explaining things to me and I appreciated it.  Steve


More about what clients say ...