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Assignment Marketing Plan - Exposure Without MLS
My plan used to expose your condo to the best potential buyers and receive good Offers and more importantly, Agreements that successfully close. Some tools are not revealed for competitive reasons PDF, 4 pgs. Feb/2019
Assignment Sale Agent Selection Checklist
It is essential you entrust your Assignment Sale or Purchase to a specialist who has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience AND A DETAILED PLAN to guide you thru this complex transaction with minimum risk and maximum gain. This Checklist will give you an idea of my added-value PREMIUM SERVICE, PDF, 2 pgs, Feb, 2019
Why Assigning, Not Reselling (Quick Flipping) Makes Sense
Why Assigning a pre-construction property (condo or freehold) makes sense because of the extra costs involved in quick flipping, including HST Rebate Clawbacks (See report below). Charts compare costs based on the key assumptions involved. PDF, 4 pgs Feb, 2019
Assignment Sales Can Be Complex
Bob Aaron, a respected lawyer and speaker writes articles on legal issues in real estate for the Toronto Star. In this article he describes some of the challenges involved in assignments. Since this was written (2004), a new standard form has been created that greatly simplifies the paperwork involved but challenges remain. Updated by Dennis Paradis, April, 2016 PDF, 3 pgs.
Condo Assignment - Basic Guidelines
A handy one-page summary of the aspects of Assignments from both the Assignor (seller) and Assignee (buyer) sides. Published by Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). PDF, 1 pg, Reviewed Jan 2018 (remains as TREB original 2012)
CRA is relentless on flips and assigns
If you sell real estate, expect the taxman to take a close look in continued CRA crackdown, published FP May, 2018 PDF, 4 pgs
HST on Assignment Sales - Let's Be Clear About the Rules
HST on Assignment Sales has a complex set of rules that require the help of a tax expert to unravel. This brief overview is only intended to give you some insight into the challenge. PDF, 4pgs, Jan 2018
HST Rebate Simplified
Exclusive report to help you figure out how much your HST rebate exposure ($$$) may be in an Assignment Sale. It can be as much as $24,000. Some important details in the notes worth reading, e.g.; all owners on title must qualify with regard to HST rebate rules. Watch out who you put on the title! PDF, 1 pg, Feb , 2019
Do You Get Interest on Your Builder Deposits?
The short answer is NO. See why in this report. PDF, 2pgs, Reviewed Jan 2018, Originally published, July 2016
How to Calculate the HST Rebate on new homes or condos in Ontario
Details on How to Calculate the HST Rebate and the HST on new homes or condos. Also, a link to a calculator that will figure it out for you. Word, 3pgs
Condo Insurance - 7 Tips
Take the time to understand your coverage or pay the price later. Article by Denise Lash, respected authority on condo legal issues, Reviewed, Jan, 2018, originally published April, 2008. PDF. 2 pgs.
Guide to Assigning Your Condo
This Guide is a good summary of the major factors a Seller (assignor) should know before deciding to assign their condo (or any other real estate property). Credit should go to my colleague Matt Richling from RE/MAX Hallmark in Ottawa for most of the material covered. I added a few additional facts, mostly concerning HST and HST Rebate. Issued on this site, April 21st, 2019, PDF, 4 pgs.
Guide to Buying an Assignment Condo
This Guide is a good summary of the major factors a Buyer (assignee) should know before deciding to buy a condo (or any other real estate property). Credit should go to my colleague Matt Richling from RE/MAX Hallmark in Ottawa for this report. Issued on this site, April 21st, 2019, PDF, 3 pgs.
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