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How the Process Works

Step 1:  Condo Assignment Consultation

Please contact me, Dennis Paradis, at 416-399-5832 (cell/text) for an on-phone consult about your plans to assign your unit. Or, email me to call you after you send your info about your condo - see Step 2.  Please specify call back times you prefer.

Requires 15 - 30 mins.


We will review the following steps and answer your questions or discuss any concerns about the requirements and process:


1a.  Realty Fees -  List  4 % plus HST  - based on your new assignment selling price.  

1b. Realty Fees -  Buyer side  2.5% % plus HST  - based on your new assignment selling price

Total Realty Fees:  List + Buyer = 6.5% + HST 

Listing Fees may be lower based on several factors - MLS available, closing date, multiple units, advanced payments.

2.  Listing period is minimum 5 months  - depends on market and starting season. 

3.  Your builder allows Assignments and has given you permission in principle to assign in writing (email is fine). They reserve the right to final approval of your new buyer (assignee) based on a credit check and proof of financial pre-approval.

4.  Net Proceeds paid out usually at Final Closing  -  Net Proceeds is your profit (buy price-sell price) less selling expenses.  In addition, you get back all the deposits you made to the Builder.

There are three possible payout dates: 

1. Final Closing: after condo registered and the title is transferred to Assignee. (80% of the cases). 

2. Date Assignment is approved by Builder

3.  Occupancy Date 


Step 2:  Please Complete Your Condo Profile

If the Preliminary Consult (Step 1 above) looks good then I will need you to provide more information about your condo. These details are used in Step 3 to establish your condo's market value and list price.

If you are ready, please complete the form:


Step 3: Market Valuation & List Price Report *

(More details below)

My custom report will provide you with your Market Valuation and a recommended List Price

Your report will be ready in 1-2 days and we will then consult again by phone.


Step 4: Assignment Agreement

There has been no cost or obligation for you up to this point.

To proceed from here, we need to commit to working together via an Assignment Agreement.

This is similar to a Listing Agreement used for authorizing an agent to list and sell a condo resale but with important differences,e.g; no firm closing date, you are not the owner yet, usually we cannot use MLS, requires Builder acceptance of new buyer and more.


Step 5: Implement Your Premium Assignment Marketing Plan

 Marketing Plan is activated


Step 6: Offers Negotiated, Conditions Managed and  Deal Closed

We receive offers, negotiate a deal, manage the conditions, get final approval from the Builder whereby the new buyer "steps into your shoes" as the assigned buyer of the condo.

All costs associated with the purchase going forward are now borne by the Assignee including future deposits if any, and occupancy fees and of course final closing costs.

Then, we all wait for the date when monies are dispersed (as explained in Step 1 - part 4, above)


 * Market Valuation & List Price Report  - More Details on Step 3

 *Valuation Methodology  - Step 3 above

Three points of comparison are used to place a value on your condo:

1. What's your Builder up to?

Your greatest competition will be from within your building or another phase nearby (or planned) by the same Builder.

These properties (recently sold or currently for sale) will provide the closest compared to yours. You will need to be priced below the Builder as they have more leverage than we have. As an offset: You will have the internationally-recognized RE/MAX brand on your side! RE/MAX provides the best source of leads from unique websites - local, national and international in multiple languages. See Marketing Plan.


2. What are other pre-construction condo projects selling nearby?

These other development projects will not be as near a match to your own building or project but will establish another point of comparison and will need to be carefully adjusted for differences.


3. What are resales condos selling for in the same area especially very new projects listed on MLS?

These units have the most differences relating to a value/price comparison but are worth looking at. You cannot usually sell for more than these units if they have similar amenities and are only a few years old. They have much lower closing costs; can be viewed; can be inspected; view/exposure can be verified; have actual unit pictures, not just model suite pictures or  renderings; have registered condo status; have a board of directors; status certificates; property tax assessments; established condo fees and are on MLS. Plus, there are no concerns about HST rebates. Plus, the deposits involved are lower and there is no interim occupancy to get through. Closing date is negotiable but once agreed to is only changed by mutual consent. Those are the advantages a resale has over an Assignment.

Your Assignment offering has its appeal v.s. resale with: unique location, the latest amenities and features and it has (usually) never been occupied. Depending on the construction stage, the new buyer may get to pick colours, options and some upgrades. Buyers pay HST on the original purchase price (much lower). Plus, the price is often better than current market offerings.


Sanity Checks on Setting Your List Price

1. What is a reasonable profit given the local market conditions and time since purchase?

2. What is a reasonable price per square foot for new and resales in the same neighbourhood?

3. Given reasonable rents for this area, does this value/price look attractive to investors?


Sources for Data:

1. Networking within my Industry (best source)

2. Industry Reports


4. RealNET

5. Kijiji (weakest source)

6. Internet

7. Builder's websites


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