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Exposure Without MLS - Proven Successful Marketing Plan
The tools used to expose your condo to potential buyers and receive good Offers and more importantly, Agreements that successfully close. Some tools are not revealed for competitive reasons PDF, 5 pgs. April, 2016
Why Assigning , Not Reselling, Your Condo Makes Sense
Assignment vs Resale - A Comparison. An exclusive report by Dennis Paradis on the advantages of assignments vs resales. Why assigning will net you a better ROI vs a "quick flip" that involves two transactions and thousands of dollars of extra costs. PDF, 5 pgs. updated July, 2016
Condo Assignment - Basic Guidelines
A handy one-page summary of the aspects of Assignments from both the Assignor (seller) and Assignee (buyer) sides.PDF, 1 pg , July, 2016
HST Assignment Sales – Let’s Be Clear About the Rules
Exclusive report showing the reason HST "may be" applicable in an Assignment sale. This is an important aspect of the Assignment sale that is usually not well understood by either the Assignor (original buyer) the Assignee (new buyer) or the lawyers involved from either side of the transaction. It is mostly a concern to the original buyer (Assignor) as they have the choice to apply it or absorb it in the Price. Usually the Assignor absorbs it, that is; they do not tack it on to the price and hope that they are not required to submit it later based on a tax audit by CRA. PDF, 2 pgs. July, 2016
HST Rebate Worksheet
Exclusive report to help you figure out how much your HST rebate exposure ($$$) may be in an Assignment Sale. It can be as much as $27,000. Some important details in the notes worth reading, e.g.; all owners on title must qualify with regard to HST rebate rules. Watch out who you put on title! PDF, 2 pgs, July 2016
Assignment Sales Can Be Complex
Bob Aaron, a respected lawyer and speaker writes articles on legal issues in real estate for the Toronto Star. In this article he describes some of the challenges involved in assignments. Since this was written (2004), a new standard form has been created that greatly simplifies the paperwork involved but challenges remain. Updated by Dennis Paradis, April, 2016 PDF, 3 pgs.
Do You Get Interest on Your Deposits?
The short answer is NO. See why in this report. PDF, 2pgs, July, 2016
Condo Insurance - 7 Tips
Take the time to understand your coverage or pay the price later. Article by Denise Lash, respected authority on condo legal issues, published April, 2008. PDF. 2 pgs.
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