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How My Plan Exceeds Expectations

How My Proven Condo Assignment Marketing Plan Exceeds the Typical Plan

by Dennis Paradis, Sales Rep, RE/MAX Hallmark York Group Realty Ltd.

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Marketing Tool
(without MLS)


Typical Plan

Your Advantage

Accurate condo valuation


Less so

Accurate and appropriate pricing takes knowledge, experience and skill.  I spend considerable time and effort on this critical first step.



Exclusive for my clients

AssignThisCondo.com is ranked on the top of page 1 for all search engines incl Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Also, Mobile-optimized - try it. Your listing is prominently displayed here. Only my client's listings displayed.


Exclusive for RE/MAX Hallmark clients

TorontoHomesandCondos.com/Assignments. Exclusive and unique to RE/MAX Hallmark. Mobile-ready - no apps required - try it!  Only RE/MAX Hallmark agents can use this website for exclusives/assignment listings.

RE/MAX (Canada) Y Exclusive for RE/MAX  clients  
www.remax.ca (more traffic & leads than Realtor.ca that only has MLS listings, not assignments. 
Only RE/MAX agents can use this website for exclusives/assignment listings. This website gets more traffic than the Realtor.ca!
RE/MAX (Global) Y Exclusive for RE/MAX   clients www.global.remax.com - exclusive to RE/MAX for MLS, exclusives and assignment listings. Captures leads from global investors and buyers relocating to the GTA. 


MLS Data Sheet 
(mock-up since NOT Listed on MLS)

Y N Agents and buyers like this familiar format (exclusives and assignments not on MLS where this form is created)
  Used by me as downloadable document. Very popular feature.

Template for Form 150 (offers)

Y N  Ready-to-go offer with expert-tested custom clauses making it easy for buyer agents to make offers.
Customized Form 150 (offer) - Schedule "B" Y N  Easier to understand Schedule B – Allocation of Funds

Full Disclosure Summary

Y N  Exclusive to AssignThisCondo.com. Making it easy for all parties to understand all the data involving the condo deal. Goes way beyond the MLS Listing level of information.
Firm understanding of HST & HST rebate rules Y ?   Don't let the rules around HST ruin your closing.

Staging options & Incentives
$200 incentive offer

Y ?   For Occupancy period for a vacant unit. Have three options - full, corregated and virtual - See Staging

Microsoft Movie Maker

Y ?
High quality video clips suitable for YouTube, email and website listings. Made from pictures if necessary before stage of construction allows viewing of condo.

Kijiji - Advanced


Usually only the basic ad

  Going beyond the free level with link to website, featured, move-up and YouTube video (attracts leads).




Creative video production - used in all my outlets Images/grahics from builder condo docs and other sources before Occupancy and after Occupany.


Y ?   International audience including investors
Walk Score Y N  
Shows amenities and public transit ratings. Used on all my listings everywhere. Buyers love it!


E-Blasts to large database



Targeted emails with well designed graphical ads

Newsletter blasts



  Over 1,200 contacts on my database.

Team of Assignment Experts Y ?

Experienced pros who know their stuff and have worked with me in the past. 

(lawyers, stagers, mortgage specialists, HST experts, etc) 

My Experience & Skills



My specialty since 2006, most agents are far less experienced with Assignments.

Realtor Service Fee

3.0% or more (List)
 (co-op) or more if urgent



Value vs. Price

Your total realtor fees with me are 5% if I do both sides via Buyer Direct Incentive (see row above).

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Details on Marketing Plan